iDestiny.tv is the official Media Department of the various ministries of Marcus & Janette Triplett.

  • Destiny House Church Network
  • Abundant Life Ministries
  • Thee Garden International
  • Global Apostolic Network

iDestiny.tv's purpose is to provide a whole new world of Apostolic Teaching direct to you wherever you are.

  • Webcasts: Weekly Gatherings, Special Events
  • Online Classes: Equipping Classes, Training Classes, Bible Classes, Special Jew-ile Teaching
  • Books & Booklets: Training Manuals, Warfare Manuals, Signs & Wonders Manuals, Biblical Roots

iDestiny.tv allows you to attend events in Real Time LIVE from your home, car, anywhere you can connect to the Web.

  • Attend one of our Destiny House CHURCHES on Sundays and Wednesdays
  • Attend one of our WORKSHOPS wherever they are given
  • Attend one of our CLASSES as it is taught from around the world

iDestiny.tv is also TOTALLY INTERACTIVE with two-way communications between the listener and the speaker.

  • Interact with those in attendance at the various workshops, classes, and House Church meetings
  • Interact with various leaders as they minister to you and others, as if you were actually in the meeting
  • Interact via FaceTime, Skype, Go-To-Meeting, and many other conference applications or programs